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Client: Zapata Limited


Location: Hastings, Hawkes Bay. 


Year: 2017 - 2018



In 2017 construction began on the 13,000sqm Sunfruit Cool store and Packhouse which would provide 30 full time jobs and up to 75 seasonal jobs. This state of the art, largely automated packhouse is used to sort and distribute pip and stone fruit sourced locally in the company's Hawkes Bay orchard. Nearly three quarters of products made will eventually be exported overseas with majority of the demand being in Europe. The building is easily accessible from the south of Hastings on Irongate Road and can be seen whilst driving on State Highway 2 down the Hawkes Bay Expressway. Sharp Consulting was brought on board at the beginning of the  project and provided the client, Zapata Limited, with the services of cost management and construction finance reporting.